Pure Knot is a public relations, communications, and strategic branding agency located in San Francisco. 

We are a dedicated team of public relations pros, marketers, writers and storytellers passionate about doing our part to create a decentralized economy. 

We help companies engage a global audience through media, communications,  brand development, and marketing initiatives.


Pure Knot partners with blockchain, cryptocurrency and emerging technology organizations and startups to guide them through milestones including company launches, product announcements, funding announcements, and ICO/token sales, as well as building a long-term thought leadership foundation through research-based content.  

We bring almost two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, working with bleeding edge startups in the field of blockchain, crypto currency, Big Data, enterprise technology, AI and groundbreaking consumer tech.


                                         Our Clients 


William McCormick

Founder, PR Strategist
San Francisco, CA



Blockchain Researcher & Writer
New York, NY


BETH McCarthy

Strategic Design Advisor
San Francisco, CA

At least one Irish stereotype is true... we love a good story and want to share yours!

Should We Talk?


• You want to ensure the right people hear – and pay attention –  about that new beginning or big milestone happening at your company

• Your company's user-first dive into sustainable growth requires connecting with customers and understanding their needs

• Your foreign company is poised to take on the American market

• Your ICO/token sale demands more velocity than sending a Telegram to alert the crowds

• Your company's brand redesign must be executed with finesse and success

• You’re an industry expert ready for metamorphosis into a thought leader

• You need to stand out from competitors in a crowded market, industry, or news cycle  

• Your story's je ne sais quoi requires branding en avant-garde (next-generation, post-demographic) and messaging avec savoir-faire across all platforms... and realities

• You value passionate, dedicated attention from communications & marketing professionals more than deploying a 'pitching machine'

• You "like yr contract terms like we like our systems design": agile, user-centric, quantifiable, and ditching restrictive "out clauses" for a cadence of intentional communication


Let's start telling your story!